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JV Vorkutinskaya Mine's fan facility - Centrifugal Fan-42.5 of ventilation shaft No.1 (JSC Vorkutaugol)

Compressors control system PC-305, PC-306 of the plant LC6U #1

Automated metering station of the dark-oil products tank farm Control and instrumentation system retrofit (plant 820-10)

Hardware and software complex for data exchange between the System for oil quantity and quality accounting

Automated system for metrological equipment accounting (ASUMO)

Automated control system for reverse water supply plant #3

Heating Center #1 Automated Control System

Automated control system for the Pumping Station #18

LG24/7 Flow #1 Retrofit Implementation of the process control system & field instrumentation **

Automated monitoring and accounting system for Shutdown and Safety Valve repair process

Power Plant Metering Station

Fuel Oil and Waste Stream Metering Station

LPG Plant Tank Farm **

Oil, Fuel Oil and Vacuum Gas Oil Discharge Station**

Fire fighting Control System for Product and Crude Oil Tank Farm **

Water Recycling Unit #1

Oil-Slime Dehydration & Neutralization Plant

Gas Fractionation Plant**

Fire Fighting Control System for Crude Oil Tank Farm**

Oil and Fuel Oil Tank-Wagon ON-SPOT Loading Station

Polystyrene Production Plant

Parex-1 Plant

Water Recycling Plants

(145 Kb) Calculation of system reliability for Shop #3 Pumping Station 910-45

Crude Oil & Fuel Oil Tank Farms and Tank-wagon ON-SPOT Loading Station**

** - Project reliability assessment was implemented using the SC ASLS SZMA

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