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Project Design

SPIK SZMAs project department performs either as a General Contractor/Designer, subcontracting specialized design companies, or as a Subcontractor to Project design institutes. SPIK SZMA provides services for the following industrial applications: process automation, emergency shutdown, security and fire alarm systems, internal and external power supply networks, firefighting systems, metering stations, including electrical and heat energy metering stations, as well as their quality control, heat networks, tender documentation development, etc.

Development Process

SPIK SZMAs project department applies a network project design technology creating a database for every project. This reduces development time, costs and risks for control system development, including Instrumentation (EC&I), Shutdown systems and SCADA systems. The process yields savings in all areas including Design, Programming, Assembling, FAT, Shipping, Installation, and Documentation. The process facilitates dynamic offline training as well as comprehensive and dynamic offline testing of all system programs. This reduces the amount of time required in the field for program problem resolution.

As a standard part of SPIK SZMAs design process at the level of the control system architecture selection all control systems go through a system Safety and Reliability modeling and analysis process using the SPIK SZMA patented software application. Software SC ASLS was developed by SPIK SZMAs Research and development department, certified by ROSPATENT (Certificate No. 2003611101 from May 12, 2001) and is a commercially available product.

Project design levels.

At the ground level SPIK SZMA makes decisions necessary to specify and install the primary control elements, smart instrumentation, control panels, other electrical devices, and cable routing.

Our first level of integration services involves project design of PLC, DCS and SCADA based systems. These systems typically provide process control systems, shutdown systems, graphical operator interface, process and equipment alarming, historical and real time trending, reporting. This level also includes development of PLC and DCS I/O, algorithms and software.

At the second level of the control pyramid SPIK SZMA provides vertically integrated control systems (MES-systems) using technologies such as Advanced Process Control, virtual analyzers, data warehousing, Intranet, etc. These services are performed together by Software Department, Research and Development Department and Project Design Department.

Industrial Automation Programming Expertise

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